How Dinesh Karthik’s ‘sincere explanation’ helped struggling Virat Kohli in 2022 – news

People continue to pay tribute to veteran batsman Dinesh Karthik. He may have just played his last game in the Indian Premier League. This followed Royal Challengers Bengaluru’s defeat by Rajasthan Royals on Wednesday. In a video uploaded by RCB’s official controller on X, the iconic Virat Kohli recalled how DK helped him during his tough 2022 IPL season.

2022 was not one of the best by Kohli’s high standards. The RCB legend scored just 341 runs in this year’s tournament. He said that he struggled with the bat and confidence. But, Dinesh Karthik sat him down. The two had a candid chat about why things are going wrong for the legendary Indian. dough.

Kohli revealed, “I’ve had some nice and interesting conversations with him. He’s very wise and has great knowledge about many things, not just cricket. And I enjoyed talking to him. Even at the stage in 2022 when I didn’t have a great IPL season, I really struggled for confidence. He sat me down a few times and, you know, just explained very honestly how he sees things and maybe I don’t see them myself.”

“So I like his honesty, his courage to go and talk to anybody about things that really bother him deeply. And that’s what I think is most special to me about Dinesh. And that’s something I’ve always admired about him. And that’s why we get along really, really well,” he added.

First impressions of DK

Looking back on his early international career, Kohli shared his first impressions of Dinesh Karthik at that time. He noticed that he had a very nervous nature and was always excited and moving. Today, Kohli sees the maturity of the veteran batsman and believes he might have eased up a bit compared to earlier years.

“When I first met DK, I remember we were playing in South Africa, if I’m not mistaken, Champions Trophy 2009. It was the first time I shared a dressing room with Dinesh and I found him very funny, very, I would say , a hyperactive, confused person. Most of the time he just moved everywhere and never stopped. That was my first impression of Dinesh. An exceptional talent, a brilliant batsman to watch. And my first impression and today’s impression are not far from each other, he just wised up and calmed down a lot.”

DK’s technical skills

Kohli spoke from a cricketing perspective. He highlighted DK’s technical skill with the bat and his ability to adapt to the roles he has been given over the years. He specifically mentioned DK’s best season with the bat in 2013 when he was part of the title-winning Mumbai Indians team led by Rohit Sharma. He managed to score 510 runs which enabled MI to win their inaugural title.

He remarked, “I have always looked up to Dinesh and felt that he is such a technically sound player that he can adapt to any role given to him. And I remember watching him in the 2013 season where he had like 600 runs or something or something like that. And he batted brilliantly at three. And I saw him play shots that were like, wow. Yeah. I think he’s done a great job transitioning and becoming a reputable finisher.”

Love from RCB

Kohli thinks DK’s time with the franchise is one that RCB fans will cherish. He hopes to have DK involved in the side. He believes the experience DK has would be invaluable.

“He’s been with the team for a long time and he’s really enjoyed it here. He has been warmly received by the fans and is a great cricketing brain. So I wish him all the best in his future endeavours. And also let’s hope he remains associated with RCB one way or the other in future as his expertise when it comes to cricket is priceless. I think he has great value for this franchise,” he concluded.

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