‘If he gets dropped from the team then…’: Dipika Pallikal reveals how Dinesh Karthik reacts to being insulted by the Indian team’ – News

Indian cricket could see the last of Dinesh Karthik on the field as a player. Royal Challengers Bengaluru lost to Rajasthan Royals. Emotions were high at RCB. The mood suggested that DK might not be there next year. The franchise’s official user on X (formerly known as Twitter) even uploaded a long video. It was a tribute to the iconic finisher.

The video had many important figures in DK’s cricketing career. But, none were more important than his wife Dipika

Pallikal Karthik. She also featured in the 11-minute video, revealing a lot about the veteran we’ve all come to love.

Dipika began by explaining how DK has always reinvented himself. She highlighted the pivotal moment when things turned around for him. It was when he met Abhishek Nayar, the current assistant coach of the Kolkata Knight Riders. From her perspective, she thought that Dinesh was someone who really enjoyed the last 5 years of enjoying his new role as a finisher.

“There have been different DKs, over the last ten years we’ve been together, I think every two years he tries to reinvent himself. And I feel like as a wife I can see the difference in him too. Over the last four to five years, I think that’s when he really enjoyed the sport. The time he met Abhishek Nayar who obviously became family to us. I think he’s played such a big role, not just in his career, I think he’s built him as a person as well,” she said.

Dipika is an athlete herself. She shared her perspective on what a retiring player can go through. She said the most important thing is to be happy with the effort he has put into his career. She stressed the need to be happy to move on from sport.

DK has suffered a lot when it comes to his international career. Once considered India’s next great wicketkeeper-palter, stuck in the shadow of the legendary MS Dhoni, he struggled to find a place in the national side for some time. But Dipika revealed how DK was able to bounce back and get back on the grind to get him back into contention.

“One of the things I’ve really learned about him and his career is if he does. If he doesn’t do well, he gets kicked out of the team. I think it’s just two or three days where he’s quiet and then he’s back on his feet and thinking about what to do next.”

“I think at the stage DK is at now he’s very happy with what he’s done and what he’s achieved and I think that’s the most important thing for any athlete is to try to be happy with the work you’ve put in.” these years. It won’t be easy to walk away from the game because this is all he’s done all his life. But I think he is a person who, as long as he is satisfied, is ready to move on in life. So he’s done well for himself and his family and he’s got to be proud of that,” she said of what it means to retire from the sport.

The video hints that this may be the last we see of Dinesh Karthik. But, Dipik’s final message in the video still leaves doubt about the decision. But, it reveals that she and the family will always be proud of what he has achieved.

She said: “The last game is always when you decide to walk away and hang up the bat. I feel like, well, be very, very proud of the fact that you gave it your all and he achieved this, you know, achieved this thing where he can proudly say, you know, I’m done and I’m happy with my career.

“Spend more time with us. I think we will appreciate it,” she concluded.


  • Dinesh Karthik’s Last Days in Indian Cricket
  • Dinesh Karthik’s Last Days
  • Indian cricket legend Dinesh Karthik may be retiring after a loss to Rajasthan Royals.
  • His wife, Dipika Pallikal Karthik, shared a video tribute to him on X, highlighting his transformation and his love for the sport.
  • Dipika’s Perspective on Retirement
  • Dipika, an athlete herself, emphasized the importance of being happy with the effort put into a player’s career.
    She emphasized that if a player doesn’t perform well, they are often kicked out of the team.
  • DK’s Retirement and Family’s Proudness
  • Dipika emphasized the importance of being happy with the work put in and the need to move on from the sport.
    She urged DK to spend more time with his family and be proud of his achievements.
  • Dipika’s Final Message
  • Despite doubts about DK’s decision to retire, Dipika urged him to be proud of his achievements and to spend more time with his family.

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