Gautam Gambhir’s ‘split team’ comments favor KKR: Shah Rukh Khan’s super statement -News

Gautam Gambhir seems to have the Midas touch in the IPL.He took over as the coach of Kolkata Knight Riders after winning two consecutive IPL titles with the Lucknow Supergiants. This was his next move. This was the next step. Under his leadership, the team led by Shreyas Iyer lifted the trophy and played with confidence and class throughout the match. The name of Indian cricket team captain Gautam Gambhir is also mentioned.

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Gambhir is said to be taking over the big job once Rahul Dravid’s career ends withruns in the 2024 T20 World Cup, but there are many reports that there is no confirmation. ..

KKR co-owner Shah Rukh Khan, in a long article, explains how Gautam Gambhir’s strategy changed KKR’s vision. ….my team…my champions…”happy candle tonight”…my star KKR…I can’t do many things, you can’t do them all..but we keep most of them. together. This is what @KKRiders stands for. It’s easy together. Apart from the talent and guidance of @GautamGambhir.

the dedication of Chandu, the love of @abhisheknayar1 and the leadership of @ShreyasIyer15.

the dedicated suffering of @rtendo27, Bharat Arun @1crowey and @Numb3z… this group is nothing It didn’t create collaboration, just ” Shah Rukh wrote a long article about Every player understands this. Young and old. Trophies are not proof that you are the best player on the team, they are proof that every player is the best player on the team.

Guys, you are stars! I love you all and don’t let the dancing stop! Also congratulations and thanks to all KKR fans, I hope youngsters all over the world know that tough times don’t last long… after all, that’s what tough times and happy teams do! Mug…Lorbo…Jeetbo…forever. We will see you all at the stadium in 2025. my team……. My winners… tonight’s candles…. My star is KKR.

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